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Jiangyou for security service co., LTD(Formerly known as:Jiangyou security service co., LTD)The jiangyou's first security service enterprises。Company of civil air defense、Dimension、The fire、Property management、Labor dispatching, etc,Can provide users with comprehensive security and property management services。The company is security association director unit in sichuan province、Mianyang city security association vice-chairman unit,The existing management personnel60More than one,Above college degree of culture48People,Including high-level technical people...

              • stay true to the missio Keep in mind that the mission Prospect of development The countenance

              • Obey the management Listen to the command Wuxi Fulfill their duties The company624Project department received customer unit warm thank-you notes

              • 川音项目部保安队员快速有效处置火情受到校方赞许

              • Industrial projects2019In anti-terrorism anti-riot drill

              • Jiangyou for security service co., LTD was awarded“Provincial excellent security services company”The title

              • Security for the people——Forget that with a warm and meaningful

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