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Service project
(A)、Planning services:
(2)、The film and television production:
(3)、Ceremony etiquette:
(Four)、Print advertising design and production:
(Five)、Agency business:
(Six)、The other:
, recruiting
A new perspective of lijiang media co., LTD., due to the company's business development needs,Recruit for the following staff for the public:(A) Film and television production personnel:1、Requirements:College degree, major in journalism and film and television production,TV programs produced more than one year,In the age25Years of age or older,Has the strong writing foundation of basic skills、Have certain coordinated ability、Good thought personal character、Can bear hardships and stand hard work、Two years of work in the film and television production experience preferred。2、Treatment:(2)、The plane design personnel:Requirements:Treatment:(3)、The sales staff:Requirements:Treatment:
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