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Wuxi blessed this packaging materials co., LTD., founded in2012Years3Month,Is located in new district in wuxi city, jiangsu province, plum village,Company specializing in plastic packaging and plastic products production,The main products arePEBags、PEMembrane、EUTurnover box、Hand membrane、Blister tray、Cases of lining board、Self-styled pockets、Environmental protection bags、The machine use wrap film、Pearl cotton packaging materials, plastic products, etc;The company has a high-quality dust-free workshop,According to customer specifications、Samples or drawings to provide production and sales service。For the machinery、Electrons、Electrical appliances、Communications and other industries to provide quality products and services。Company uphold “The customer is supreme、Abide by the credibility”The operating principles,For our customers to provide more excellent and high value of service and products。

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