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  Yuncheng city feng WuJiaoHua co., LTD(The original yuncheng HSBC WuJiaoHua depot) Founded in May 1995,The registered capital:200Ten thousand yuan。Existing staff of 21 people。The main:Fasteners processing、Sales、Sealing gasket、Hardware、Tool、Machinery accessories、Dianliao、Plumbing、Bearings、Chemical raw materials、Rubber and plastic products、Products house, etc。Annual sales8000Ten thousand yuan of above。

  Spacious enterprises located in yuncheng city xinyuan mechanical and electrical city no. 2 floor,The traffic is very convenient。The current agent:Gem-year“CYI”Brand,“Y”Brand、Ningbo“NingLi”、Hebi“The crane”、Ningbo“In the morning”、Hebei“Understanding to the simple”、Hebei“RON”、Luoyang“Is close”Brand standard fasteners and sealing element, etc。And to provide users with technical advisory services,Solve non-standard special pieces、Difficult thing、Such as pieces of urgent need。

  Screw is small,But a great responsibility。We adhering to the high standards of quality、Reasonable price、As well as perfect after-sale service,Make us become the largest fastener supplier。


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