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  • The submersible pump motor running fever become very hot

    According to the market sales and the actual use customer feedback and information,Summed up the following leads to the main factors of submersible pump motor overload operation too marcel hot

  • How to improve the service life of the submersible pump

    Submersible pump is work,The pump and motor are in a liquid,The following points can prolong the service life of submersible pump:
      1、Confirm the correct direction of rotation of the motor

  • How to correctly use the sewage pump

    Sewage pump In flood control、Runoff regulation、To improve the climate、To control pollution、Beautify the environment and maintaining ecological balance and so on has a very important role,Is known as“Nature of the kidney”。

  • What is the trapped oil phenomenon of the gear pump

    Hydraulic gear pump is composed of a pair of meshing gears each other,Through the gear tooth meshing and separating formed when rotating the change of volume and oil absorption, oil pressure。When the gear mesh,The hydraulic oil between the two tooth meshing......

  • How to select sewage pump

    Sewage pump flow should be according to the flow unitm3/h(Cubic meters per hour)Or the basisL/s(Litres per second)Selected,When need to flow control,Selected according to drain the flow)。Sewage pump lift......

  • What are the three major performance without sewage pump overload protection design?

    Pump lift lower than design point head use,Is often encountered in practice,A situation is when the pump selection,Pump lift selected too high,The actual pump is reduced when using head......

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