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Wuhu modern air conditioning engineering co., LTD Wuhu modern air conditioning engineering co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the changes in temperature equipment sales、Installation and after-sales service enterprises。The products of the company system including the central heating system、The central air conditioning system、The central fresh air system、The central water purification system、The central dust collection system5Large system,Provide a full range of one-stop services to our customers。 The company widely cooperate with world famous changes in temperature products supplier,The world changes in temperature product areas in southern anhui province general agent right,Now agents and distribution products:Daikin(DAIKIN)Household/Commercial central air conditioning、Germany imported from power(Vaillant)In cb、According to the Italian original package imports(iMMERGAS)In cb、Karry Italian original package imports(meetherm)The radiator、Ray etta in Italy(RaaT)High die casting aluminum radiator、Germany imported from rehau(REHAU)PE-XaTube、Imported from Denmark danfoss(Dan...
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Traditional classic radiator heating   Introduction of system design:Set manifold forms is your best choice for realization of radiator heating,It makes no joint radiator in each group were made by a pipeline...
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