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  • Fruit bowl games
  • Agent distribution
  • Research and development of the game
  • HeYan big data

Fruit bowl games

Enter the websiteThe main products of the company“Fruit bowl games”As a leading mobile game distribution platform,In order to“Change the content+Accurate distribution+Fine operation”The business model,Serves the masses of game development with the vendor,The cumulative cover $user,Universal coverage players for life。
Agent distribution

Agent distribution

Agent issued by the company business includes single generation distribution and joint distribution mode,With the issue of professional team、Rich channel resources、Refinement of the services,The balance product has been successfully issued,Have gained good reputation among the industry。

Research and development of the game

Companies focus on independent research and development of high-quality goods game,Existing multiple r&d project team,Deep in theSLG、The card、Hang up the game type, etc。Since its establishment,Since the research of mobile game products have been launched,Are popular in the global market。

HeYan big data

With the development of big data and artificial intelligence,Company founded HeYan brand big data,Focus on the demand side provide professional game big data processing custom services,And continuously expand new business application scenario,As the Internet and the real economy can assign industrial convergence development,Big data and artificial intelligence technology to the ground,Won“China's top ten game service provider”The title。