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        Our design value embodied in three aspects:The minimalist、Human nature、Superior function。We produce products and services,Will bring surprise to customers for the first time,And in the continuation of this surprise during the whole product,Every detail to release the create passion and dedication。

        In addition,Our products as creative,Perfect balance of function and quality,To continuously following a constant value,We are proud。

Ancient profile

        Yinhe, old wei yu,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales of high-grade faucet、Ceramic sanitary ware、Induction sanitary ware、The bathroom accessories、Flush valve of high and new technology enterprise。Company strength is abundant,Has a professional appearance design、The structure design、The development of circuit research team,Has the independent research and development top tap、Ceramic sanitary ware、Induction sanitary ware、The bathroom accessories、Flush valve。At the same time,Le ancient wei yu with a number of Italy and South Korea to introduce the international leading level of the production line,Throughout the year“Science and technology innovation、Quality first”Under the guidance of the concept of,Adhering to the“The good faith、Professional、Innovation、Win-win situation”The aim of the...... 

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